Both of Liliana’s parents worked washing other people’s clothes. While they were working, the oldest sister looked after the other kids. Liliana suffered from chronic malnutrition, heart problems, and problems with her sight.

The family lived in two rooms with dirt floor and a leaking roof. They didn’t have running water and electricity and the place was not connected to the sewage system.

Liliana entered the Refugio de los Sueños in 1999. She was very shy and timid and stayed away from the other children and the adults.

The Refugio helped with her health problems, providing her with good food in order to get up her weight, organized heart surgery for her and got her glasses.

Slowly her relation to the other children and the adults improves. She becomes a happy and social child, who does well at school. She enjoys baking bread and working with flowers.

In 2002, her mother passes away because of cancer, and her father is diagnosed with Parkinson and diabetes. Her situation becomes more difficult. Her aunt helps the family out. She changes to a different social center, but the Refugio continues to support her.

The family situation further worsens. The father can’t work because of his health, the brothers and sisters find jobs but get paid little. Liliana is a good student, she graduates from high school with good grades.

When her father passes away, the children all work in order to survive. The Refugio helps Liliana with a scholarship for her studies. She attends beauty school from which she successfully graduates.

Today, she works in a beauty parlor, and hopes to some day have a salon of her own.

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