The Refugio’s social work team found Josselyn and several other children locked up and alone, when they walked through the streets of the Toctiuco neighborhood. They had nothing to eat. We talked to the parents and the small children went to the Foundation’s Children’s Center and Josselyn to the Refugio de los Sueños.

The father was a day worker, and the mother worked as a maid. She was the one supporting the family. The parents’ relationship is violent and full of conflict. The father comes home only occasionally, he beats the mother and the children and sometimes threatens them with a gun. On one occasion he tries to kill the mother.

Josselyn is quiet and timid, she suffers from serious malnutrition. At the Refugio she opens up, starts playing with children her age and learns many different skills. Her favorite activity is everything related to beauty. Slowly she becomes more self-assured, even though the problems and domestic violence at home continue.

She graduates from high school and goes on to beauty school. The Refugio supports her healthcare, nutrition, education and social work. The father was reported to the authorities.

Josselyn started to work in a beauty parlor, and kept studying for a degree in accounting. She has a beautiful son whom she wants to support.

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