Read here the stories of the people who were touched by the Refugio de los Sueños: The children of the Refugio who have now grown up, as well as volunteers and visitors who have experienced the love and commitment of the Refugio's staff up close.


Jhonatan started coming to the Foundation’s Children’s Center when he was six years old. When the staff visited his home, they found him alone and locked up the entire day. Read more

Liliana: Both of Liliana’s parents worked washing other people’s clothes. While they were working, the oldest sister looked after the other kids. Liliana suffered from chronic malnutrition, heart problems, and problems with her sight. Read more

Darwin's family looked after a children’s center that belonged to the Foundation, in exchange for a free place to live. The mother worked as a maid, the father abandoned the family. Read more

We met José Luis in the streets, where he was working as a vendor the whole day. The family was very poor. They lived in only one room, without electricity. Read more

Diana was only accepted by her father, her mother abused her. They lived in a crowded place, with only one bed in a small room for the entire family. They only had water on Saturdays and Sundays, and the place was filled with people with many social problems. Read more

We found Paola alone with her little brother Jhonatan locked up the entire day. She was malnutritioned and short, they had nothing to eat. Her mother sold candy on the streets. Read more

The Refugio’s social work team found Josselyn and several other children locked up and alone, when they walked through the streets of the Toctiuco neighborhood. They had nothing to eat. Read more

Volunteers and Visitors

Susette Goff has supported the Refugio for almost 20 years. Read some of her beautiful memories: The Refugio de Los Suenos is a place full of love and hope. I have found that there is no greater joy than walking through the front gate of the Refugio and being greeted with countless hugs and the air full of love. Read more.

Zora shares about her first days as a volunteer: Sometimes I wonder how all of this started and how it came that I started to work at the Refugio. It is a chain of incidences that brought me there and I thank whoever is coordinating my fortune. A friend in Quito told me about the place and that they were looking for volunteers so I wrote an email and two days later I made my way up the insanely steep hill that leads to the place. Looking back I cannot really tell what I was expecting to find. Read more.

Tom writes about his volunteer trip to the Refugio: Volunteering at the Refugio is so overwhelmingly rewarding. Traveling with yards of parachute cords of all sorts of color my goal was teaching 100 kids how to weave bracelets. Read more

Sandy writes about her volunteer trip: I had the privilege of traveling to Quito, Ecuador in February 2012. My qualifications for this journey were my willingness to help the children at the Refugio, my experience as a first grade teacher, and my years of training as a Mother. Read more

Ben writes: My time at the Refugio was relatively short. I traveled with a small group from St. Mark Lutheran church and was unsure what I would find when I arrived. Around Quito I saw kids who had to work on the streets to get by. Read more