Donate to the Refugio

The Refugio is entirely financed by donations. Thanks to our generous donors we can keep the Refugio up and running and provide the children with food, activities, and medical care, as well as pay our loving staff. It costs over $ 6,000 per month to pay for the professional and caring educators, food, medication, lab exams, internet, school uniforms, etc.

Here are some examples of the Refugio's monthly expenses for the 100 children:

Lunch Program: $ 20 per child
School supplies and uniforms: $ 10 per child
Medical support: $ 12 per child
Material for handicrafts workshops: $ 200
Didactic material: $ 100
Of course the staff, electricity, water, internet, and maintenance also have to be paid and the Refugio also supports several college students with scholarships.

There are three ways to donate to the Refugio:

1. From the USA and all other countries
Donations are made through Saint Mark Lutheran Church in the US via Paypal and are tax-deductible in the USA. Please put "Refugio ASN" in the Purpose field.

2. From Germany
Spenden können über die Evangelische Kirche Deutschlands (EKD) an uns geleistet werden und kommen über die evangelische Auslandsgemeinde hier in Quito an das Refugio. Sie sind in Deutschland steuerlich absetzbar und Sie erhalten eine Spendenbescheinigung. Überweisungen bitte an:

IBAN: DE 05 5206 0410 0000 6600 00
Evangelische Bank
Verwendungszweck: für kirchliche Zwecke in der Gemeinde Quito Ecuador
Wenn Sie eine Spendenbescheinigung wünschen, schicken Sie bitte eine Email mit Ihrem Namen und Adresse, Datum und Betrag der Spende an:

3. From Ecuador
Para donaciones de Ecuador se puede hacer una transferencia bancaria. Por favor enviar el comprobante a, esto es muy importante para poder identificar la donación.

Beneficiario: Fundación Niñez y Vida
Banco: Produbanco
Cuenta Corriente: 02000003200
RUC: 1790842452001