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The Refugio de Los Sueños is a refuge where children come to escape the dangers of the streets. Most of these children suffer from severe abuse from the alcoholics, prostitutes and drug addicts who are the adults in their lives. Others simply suffer from severe poverty. The Refugio de Los Sueños offers them a safe haven. They are fed, taught life skills, get vocational training, have an opportunity to receive a scholarship to go to school, receive much needed therapy by professionals and both medical and dental care. Most importantly, they receive LOVE at the Refugio.

Approximately 170 children use the facility. All of these children are enrolled in school full time through a scholarship program. There are presently 5 enrolled in a University/other Institutes of higher learning. We have 11 former Refugio children who have received University degrees or completed higher level education. All have come back to the Refugio to help in some way. One of these young adults who graduated from a university now works full time at the Refugio…what a return on our investment. Other success stories include a lawyer, a policeman, a chef, a priest, business majors and several teachers to name a few. All of these young adults grew up in the streets and were given a future by their experience at the Refugio.

There are currently only 6 full-time staff at the Refugio to work with approximately 170 children. These positions include a Director/Social Worker, a Social Worker who monitors the children at home and at school, a full-time Therapist who works with the countless cases of abuse, an Accountant who monitors all funds received and provides receipts for all expenditures, a Cook, and our former Refugio child and university graduate who works as needed in all the areas, specifically in Child Welfare. We also have a Dentist who comes once week and who volunteers another day without pay. In addition to her dental work she helps in the kitchen and everywhere else that she is needed. The staff is very dedicated to the well-being of the children, and frugal and very honest in handlling donations they receive. ALL DONATIONS THE REFUGIO RECEIVES GO DIRECTLY TO THE CARE OF THE CHILDREN. THERE ARE NO ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS OTHER THAN THE MEAGER SALARIES FOR THE STAFF.

In June 2015, the Refugio faced with crisis. The government announced that it will no longer provide funds for food for the children in Centers or pay for staff salaries. With the exception of the Refugio de Los Sueños, all Children's Centers in the barrio of Toctiuco are in the process of closing. It is only the love and concern of others that will keep these children at the Refugio from being turned back out into the street, hungry, and without a chance for a better future through an education.

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Meet our amazing staff. Read their stories about the Refugio and see why their work and unconditional love for the children is so important.
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